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Composition of leather in leather factory


Sources of Raw Material in Leather Factory: In a Leather Factory, indigenous accessibility of crude materials and short pay cost delivers the country a modest advantage in the world market. In the leather manufacturing, the crude materials are by-products of the meat manufacture, with the meat procedure generates great implication …

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Production of Leather Industry in Pakistan

Leather Industry

Production of Leather Industry The necessity has ascended to mark our leather into more value added products of leather industry. The export of leather products from Pakistan is performing the rising role in country’s economy adequately. The time is at this point to distillate on the export of leather items, …

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Anti-riot protection set, a police riot vehicle


Anti-riot protection set, a police riot vehicle Police riot vehicle is used if an uprising is impulsive and incoherent, activities which make people halt and ponder for an instant for example heavy sounds or give out commands in a composed tendency can be sufficient to halt it. Though these procedures …

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Best military dress uniforms distinctions


Best military dress uniforms Best military dress uniforms and military pattern have been through prodigious fluctuations over the years from flamboyant and extravagant to extremely functional. Military uniforms in the shape of identical and distinguish dress, projected for recognition and display, are classically an emblem of standardized military forces prepared by …

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Standard Soccer Ball: Play it and Love it.


Dimensions The standard soccer ball is an air-filled domain with a perimeter of 68-70 cm, a mass of 410-450 g, with an external sheet composed of leather or other material, with the exact chattels of leather. This 14 to 16 ounces mass is the bulk that the ball should have …

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